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Broadening your Business Horizons – Accelerate your Growth in the Caribbean & Central America.

With over 20 years of experience working across the Caribbean and Central America, we help you understand the key players in your sector.

In addition to providing clients with bespoke market entry strategies and in-country growth programmes, Colibri facilitates business development meetings and introductions with new potential networks. Our tailored market introduction programmes offer clients a highly productive and collaborative programme, including high-level government contacts, leading local businesses, in-country briefings and targeted commercial meetings.

How we help you

plan your overseas

market entry


A successful entry into a new market requires connections, information, and support.

We provide access to experts in all fields in the Caribbean and Central America. Whatever the requirement, we can connect you to the right international contacts and arrange pre-vetted business development meetings for targeted growth and expansion.

Whether you are developing internationally or looking to enter new markets, our advisory teams can help you identify opportunities and mitigate risks. 

Our specialists will undertake bespoke research to develop a market-specific strategy based on your business needs and understand the business opportunities. Our approach guarantees an efficient market introduction programme, pre-screened access to local presence, business networks and introductions. Engage your target customer in-country with our team.

You can access various additional services to boost your business strategy, such as compliance and due diligence support, feasibility studies, investment advisory, risk monitoring solutions, pollical risk analysis and intelligence, advocacy and reputation management, ESG advisory services and more.

We offer our clients an independent and objective perspective on their prospective and actual projects that are being developed across the Caribbean and Central America. 

Our Services:

Tactical & Strategy Support for Market Entry

Bespoke Market Introduction Programme

In-country Business Development Meetings

Screened & Vetted Companies to Meet

Site & Project Visits

In-country Briefings by Colibri Analysts

Meet & Greet Services with on-the-ground Associates

Advisory Services on Best Practices, Cultural Sensitivities, Regulatory Environments and Licensing

Transportation & Driver Arrangements

Hotel, Security Arrangements  & Tourist Excursions

Strategy Review & Analysis

Business Planning & Feasibility Studies

Competitor Analysis

Market Research & Intelligence

Compliance & Due Diligence Services

Working Across 37 Jurisdictions

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Sectors we have worked with


As businesses seek growth opportunities in new markets, having a well-crafted market entry strategy becomes increasingly important. Our full-time specialists and panel of senior advisers can provide specialist knowledge across a wide range of sectors.

  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Engineering
  • Construction Equipment
  • Real Estate
  • Ports & Shipping

  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Marine Sector

  • Environmental Protection

  • Oil & Gas

  • Energy & Renewables

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


  • Banking

  • Financial Services

  • FinTech

  • Professional Services

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

  • Argi-business

  • Import & Export

  • Food & Drink

  • Tourism

  • Hotels & Suppliers



With over 20 years of experience in organising and managing bespoke market entry programmes, our consultants understand that a successful strategy can only be achieved by careful planning, excellent time management and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Here is what our clients have to say about our service …

“A well-organised and productive trip. Over 4 days, we demonstrated our product to key decision-makers and Ministers with a brilliant return on investment”.


Civil Engineering

“It has been a pleasure working with you on this project… I’ve learned so much… the way you offer your services, how you collected all the information, how you match the company’s needs with our services, and of course all the contacts, guides and support”.

Oil & Gas

case study

Bespoke Market Entry Programme Guyana – Mining and Building Materials 

Colibri offered consultation to develop a clear understanding of the client’s business objectives in Guyana, identify key stakeholders for engagement, and determine the most effective way to do so.

 Using our extensive database of contacts and local associate partners, Colibri provided the client with 30 prospects which met these requirements, including company details and insight into relevant business matching. 

 Following a review by the client, Colibri engaged with each local company for business introduction and collaboration. Colibri further supported the client in-country with hotel, transport, and an experienced local advisor to accompany them to meetings as requested.

 The client met with 20 relevant senior business contacts who were commercially relevant to their business growth goals during a 4-day visit.  Partnering with Colibri enabled them to avoid wasting time with irrelevant meetings and were able to access expert business intelligence, sector expertise and strategy services for securing high-level new business introductions.  

Market Intelligence


Colibri Advisory specialises in market and strategic intelligence solutions for the Caribbean and Central America. Get ahead of the market and your competition with actionable insight and frank assessments of business opportunities and risks to investment.

Strategy and Risk


Colibri provides leading strategy and risk advisory services for clients working in the Caribbean and Central America.  Our team leverages decades of experience to assist your current risk position, identifying the best way to enhance your business growth and accelerate progress.

ESG & Impact Investing


Colibri provides bespoke ESG and impact investing services for clients looking to integrate environmental, social and governance factors into their investment strategies and looking at specific impact investing opportunities.

Due Diligence


Colibri’s comprehensive due diligence and compliance solutions help clients minimise risks and make the most informed business decisions. We perform due diligence on the background, commercial track record, market reputation and integrity of prospective acquisition targets, JV partners, clients and other counterparties. Our services strengthen negotiations, inform valuations and protect corporate reputations.

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