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Colibri has supported investors and companies in 100 investment projects in the region over the last two years – nearly one per week.

Helping clients in new growth markets in the Caribbean and Central America

Colibri has supported investors in nearly 100 projects in the last 24 months including mergers, acquisitions, and new investments across diverse business sectors. We work with you to navigate business in the Caribbean and Central America with confidence and in real-time; applying local expertise with global connections to help you make strong well-informed commercial decisions.

Our Sectors

Agriculture Raw Commodities & Distribution Food & Beverage
Business Services Telecommunication
Finance, Legal & Banking Related Services
FinTech & Digital Technologies
Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Related Services
Renewables & Power Generation
Terminals & Ports Maritime Industries
Tourism & Hospitality Cruise Industry
Transportation & Logistics Construction & Infastructure

Why Choose Us

Leading the way to better market opportunities

When you choose Colibri as your partner, you can be confident that your work will be carried out by our executive team and senior advisors with extensive international expertise. Not only do our advisors have enhanced service, due diligence, and sector experience in their own markets, they also bring access and insight from global networks and regional businesses.

  • Best-in-class locally sourced information about projects, business partners and finance origination
  • A partner-led approach with experts who understand your market
  • Decades of experience advising international and regional businesses on transactions and investments
  • Unrivalled regional network across 37 jurisdictions of trusted on-the-ground associates
  • Deep knowledge of local markets and access to local and international business and investor networks
  • Full-time specialist staff and a panel of senior advisers with specialist knowledge of key sectors
  • Seamless continuity of service for your international business needs

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We offer coverage for 37 jurisdictions in the Caribbean and Central America.

Our 4 Core Values



Colibri Advisory is a long-standing advisory firm, purely operating within the Caribbean and Central America. We have been providing business insight in the regions since the 70s and assisting corporations and investors to invest and expand their reach with confidence.

Furthermore, Colibri Advisory is a commercial subsidiary of The Caribbean Council, the highly respected UK-based not-for-profit organisation. Due to our decades of experience and involvement in the region, we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of its diverse history, culture, politics, and socio-economic influences.



The Caribbean represents a unique region of the world with a highly complex mix of diverse markets combined with a long tradition of stability, accessibility, openness to trade and investment opportunities. Working with international and local partners for so many years, Colibri Advisory stands for honesty, integrity professionalism and quality of service.  We have very long-standing professional partnerships with associates across the region who share these values.



Our firm harnesses a wide range of strong embedded relationships within regional jurisdictions, international governments and organisations. Our full-time specialists and panel of senior advisors will partner with you to offer dedicated comprehensive insight and services tailored to your bespoke requirements. We deliver ongoing advisory services to multinational corporations, investors and financial advisors including leading international accountancy and law firms, corporate intelligence firms, investment banks, private equity houses and fund managers. Discover our sectors for more information.



Backed by decades of experience working in the region, we work extensively within the Caribbean and Central American regions with trusted on-the-ground associates.  We believe in complete ownership of our work, deliverables, and insight.  Our work is developed, solely and always to prioritise our client’s interests and create value. We have a proven track record and testimonials to support our intent.

Our Executive Team

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett

Chief Executive

Maria Tereza Laino

Maria Tereza Laino

Accounts Manager

Cris Griffith

Cris Griffith

Development Lead

Rachel Collie

Rachel Collie

Research Assistant

Dalano DaSouza

Dalano DaSouza

Researh Assistant

Natalie Moodey

Natalie Moodey

Marketing Lead

Working Across Diverse Jurisdictions

Investment Projects Over the Last Two Years

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