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Market Intelligence Standard Exporter Package

In need of export advice for the Caribbean and Central America? Colibri Corporate Advisory offers bespoke targeted market intelligence which ensures your exports have the competitive edge. 

Having a great product or service is only half the challenge when you are selling overseas. Understanding the local market is essential to being competitive, winning contracts and expanding your business.

Discover our Market Intelligence Export Services.


Market Intelligence

Export Services


At Colibri, we offer our clients expert guidance for all export needs into the Caribbean and Central American regions. Our ‘Market Intelligence Exporter Package’ includes tailored support with:

  • A 30-minute discovery call to fully understand your product and normal supply chain requirements in other markets to conduct our research effectively.
  • Identification of 5 top importers and distributors. Via our local associates and proprietary databases, Colibri will identify the 5 most prospective leads as import and distribution channels for your products. Either based on handling similar product categories or desired synergies.
  • You will receive a short description of each company including scale, history and products as well as identification of any competitors’ products or concerns.  Where possible, we will provide details of current estimated volumes and shipment sizes.
  • Identification of key decision-makers, purchase data, competitor product positioning and letters of introduction with potential business partnerships.




Additional Extras

  • Provision of 5 years of purchase data. Quarterly breakdown at the national level for product category. Providing you with insight into the current demand and any seasonal patterns.
  • Competitor Product Positioning. Field market research into onsite visual merchandising, brand positioning, pricing and promotional strategies.
  • Letters of introduction. Through membership to the Caribbean Council, your company will receive personal introductions as a Member of the Council with expressed interest in exploring business partnerships.

Why Choose Us? 

Colibri Corporate Advisory offers unrivalled Business Intelligence for the Caribbean and Central America. We provide highly reliable, granular, competitive intelligence combined with strategic insights and analysis. Our reports are thorough, well-considered, and frank, offering fresh perspectives and actionable solutions to clients’ real-world challenges.

We have the resources you need to help you with your exporting journey. Get in contact to discuss your plans. 

t:  +44 (0) 20 7583 8739

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Discover Our Service Capabilities

Market Intelligence


We provide independent and frank assessments of business opportunities and risks to investment, enabling clients to make business decisions with confidence.

Our Services include business intelligence, trade and regulatory policy analysis, market entry research, competitor analysis, operational security risks, stakeholders, and infrastructure and logistics analysis. 

Strategy & Risk


Colibri provides strategic advice to enable clients to negotiate successfully in the region.

Our services include: risk monitoring, forecasting and analysis, Business strategy formulation, scenario planning and problem-solving, investment advisory and finance origination, dispute resolution, representation and advocacy, communication and media strategy. 

ESG & Impact Investing


We support clients who are integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into their investment strategies and looking at specific impact investing opportunities.

Our Services include materiality measures, risk mitigation, impact investing, stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies, and culture-values sensitisation.

Due Diligence & Compliance


Colibri performs due diligence on the background, commercial track record, market reputation and integrity of prospective JV partners, acquisition targets, clients and other counterparties.  Our services enable equity and debt finance to be unlocked, negotiations to be properly informed, valuations to be accurate, and corporate reputations to be protected.

Our Services include whistleblower claims, bribery and corruption, disputes, asset identification and contentious insolvency.

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